Parenting begins at pregnancy.

The La Luna Azul approach offers a wealth of customizable classes to help you begin your parenting journey. Private classes can be combined with any delivery or postpartum support for a discounted rate.

Blue Print Building for a Successful
Pregnancy and Delivery

How you feel during pregnancy and the decisions you make on how to welcome your baby in the world will have a lifelong influence on the character and development of him or her.  This 3-hour session is designed to help you bring a deeper level of awareness to your pregnancy and delivery decisions. By the end of the session, you will walk away with an evidenced-based, customized blue print for the remainder of your pregnancy and your delivery experience.

Childbirth Preparation

This highly tailored 3-hour session is designed to classically and specifically equip you with in-depth information about coping skills, physiology of labor and birth, emotional aspects, and childbirth options, cherry picking from the best of the best methods out there (including but not limited to Lamaze, HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies).

Creating a Stress-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an incredibly anxious-filled time of a woman’s life. Using an open-dialog method of teaching, this session gets to the root cause of the expecting mother’s stress and creates a pathway for stress-reduction and a centered, grounded pregnancy.

Physical changes to your body during pregnancy are normal – but pain and discomfort don’t have to be. Just by being mindful throughout your pregnancy (the earlier the better!), you can prevent many of the common aches and pains you’ve probably heard of!  This 60 minute, in-home session will give you the plan and tools you need to take care of your physical self throughout your nine months of pregnancy. This session can also be combined with the Pelvic Floor Awareness session.

Body Alignment for Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor Awareness

An adaptable pelvic floor can be game-changing for your delivery experience. This 60-minute, in-home session explores using imagery and information to help expecting moms gain a deeper understanding of their pelvic floor so it can be responsive to the needs of the baby during delivery. This session can also be combined with the Body Alignment for Pregnancy Session.

Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth

Comfort is king when it comes to laboring and birthing your baby. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed the experience will be – for you and for your baby. Designed for couples who are planning on laboring at home before transferring to their birthing location, this 2 hour session complements what you have learned in your childbirth education course by allowing you to spend more time learning and practicing a variety of non-medical comfort techniques under skillful guidance.  This class is taught in a group setting every six weeks or can be taught privately.

Alicia is different. She seeks a systemic understanding of what is going on. She examines the individual’s dynamics from biomechanical and energetic systems perspectives. She draws upon her deep understanding of structure as an engineer; of breath, attention, and movement as a yoga therapist; and of anatomy from her meticulous cadaveric studies. Plus, she is always growing in her learning and in her integration of new perspectives and techniques. She combines this interdisciplinary savvy with kindness, patience, and humility.
— Sarah (Yoga Therapy | Dec 2013)