Approach & Philosophy

With a deep and profound respect for both parents and babies, the La Luna Azul approach focuses on enabling conscious, healthy and comfortable pregnancies and building the supportive structure both expecting parents and their baby need for a meaningful delivery.   

Combining practical knowledge rooted in anatomy with yoga, movement and body awareness methods, Alicia Suarez helps you plan for and architect the pregnancy and delivery experience your baby wants and supports you as you go through this profound transition.


About Alicia Suárez

Alicia Suárez, founder of La Luna Azul, strongly believes in the body’s innate intelligence. As such, she respects and supports the rights of childbearing women to make the decisions that work best for themselves and their families.  

Alicia's work is greatly influenced by her studies in Body-Mind Centering®, as well as her background in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, and embryology education. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, a DONA certified birth doula, a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, and a DONA trained postpartum doula. She has years of experience as a yoga therapist, specializing in prenatal and postpartum yoga, and is skilled in the use of breathing, acupressure and Rebozo techniques for labor and delivery.

Alicia has worked with women giving birth at home, birth centers, and hospitals all around the NYC area. She has supported a wide variety of birth experiences, including unmedicated, medicated, high-risk pregnancies, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), HBAC (home birth after cesarean), breech presentation, and C-sections. She is also knowledgeable about various approaches to childbirth preparation and has assisted clients utilizing the HypnoBirthing, Bradley, and Lamaze methods.  Her experience in different settings and approaches helps facilitate the emergence of choices.

Alicia holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.  She is fully bilingual and at ease communicating in both English and Spanish. Alicia is a member of Lamaze International, Evidence Based Birth®, DONA International and the NYC Doula Collective, where she also served on the board as the Referral Coordinator from July 2014 to June 2015.